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How to get here by bus

If you are visiting us by bus, please follow these instructions:

Take the subway and exit at UNIVERSIDAD DE SANTIAGO station. If you are more than 1 person, you only need to purchase 1 metro card. Please charge your card with enough funds for the total of the group.

Walk to the bus terminal TERMINAL DE BUSES SUR - SANTIAGO. The address of the bus terminal is Av Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3850, Santiago, Estación Central, Región Metropolitana.

Enter the bus terminal and walk straight forward for 2 minutes. You will see to your right the bus company CONDOR. Purchase your ticket to RENGO BUS TERMINAL. Price will be around $3000 pesos. After purchasing your ticket walk to the departure gate which will be located behind the Condor office. Ride will be 1:45 hours. You can also try to purchase the tickets online at www.condorbus.cl.

When arriving to RENGO BUS TERMINAL you will see to your left side several YELLOW TAXIS. Find the one that goes to CERRILLO. Please tell the driver you are going to VIÑA TIPAUME. This will cost between $800 and $900 pesos per person. After 15 minutes you will arrive to the winery. Please send us a text message in order to open the gate.

On your way back you have 3 different options. 

1    Take the local bus to the bus terminal (please confirm with us the time of the local bus)

2    Take the yellow taxi

3    UBER :)

We recommend that you use Uber, as it is fast and affordable (around $10 USD). You can go to JUAN Y MEDIO RESTAURANT which is an excellent restaurant with traditional chilean food. There is a bus stop just in front of the restaurant. Almost all the buses are heading Santiago. You purchase your ticket directly inside the bus.

We have produced the following video with more instructions to get to the winery: 

Our wines:

If you want to buy some wines, these are the prices:

Tipaume $20.000 pesos

Grez $25.000 pesos

Sous la terre $30.000 pesos

You can pay in cash, chilean pesos or USD. We do not accept credit cards. If you are visiting us through Airbnb we can charge you back directly using your credit card stored in Airbnb. We also accept Paypal but a fee of 6% will be included.

Contact information:

François +56968344643

Valentina +56962088347

Yves +56962088349

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